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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What exactly is Nutri-Fruit?

Nutri-Fruit is real, pure fruit in a dried powder form. Our fruit powders are made from high quality fruit, freeze-dried at peak ripeness to preserve the most nutrients possible, and then sealed in recyclable metal containers that prevent moisture, light, and other deteriorating factors from harming the product.  See below for information about the drying process.

2. What happens during the freeze drying process?

During the process of freeze drying, the fruit goes through a process called sublimation where all the water is taken from a solid state to a gas, thus allowing the water to be removed.

Once the water is removed from the fruit all that is left is the nutritional portions, leaving a very nutrient dense product. This is why you are able to get so many servings of fruit in such a small portion of the product. 

Freeze drying has been proven an effective way to maintain nutrient content in powdered products such as Nutri-Fruit.  Our fruit powders have comparable nutrient value to that of fresh and frozen fruit. 

3. How many servings are in each can?

There are 19-20 servings in each can, and 69-70 servings in each 1 pound bag. The serving size for each powder is one tablespoon.

4. How many pounds of frozen fruit does it take to make one pound of freeze dried fruit?

Each Fruit is different, so here is the breakdown of each fruit powder we offer:

  • Bananas: 10 pounds of frozen fruit = one pound of Nutri-Fruit Banana Powder.
  • Blackberries: 8 pounds frozen fruit = one pound of Nutri-Fruit Blackberry Powder. 
  • Black Raspberries: 7 pounds of frozen fruit = one pound of Nutri-Fruit Black Raspberry Powder.
  • Blueberries: 8 pounds of frozen fruit = one pound of Nutri-Fruit Blueberry Powder.
  • Cranberries: 10 pounds of frozen fruit = one pound of Nutri-Fruit Cranberry Powder.
  • Red Raspberries: 7 pounds of frozen fruit = one pound of Nutri-Fruit Red Raspberry Powder.
  • Strawberries: 10 pounds of frozen fruit = one pound of Nutri-Fruit Strawberry Powder.
  • Mangos: 6 pounds of frozen fruit = one pound of Nutri-Fruit Mango Powder
  • Acai Berries:
  • Aronia Berries:

5. What is the shelf life of Nutri-fruit?

There is an 18 month shelf life for all Nutri-Fruit powders. The best way to maintain Nutri-Fruit is to store it in a cool and dry area before opening. Once the package has been opened it is best to store in your freezer to help prevent sticking and oxidation. 

6. How long does shipping take?

Shipping is usually 7-10 business days depending on which shipping option you choose during checkout.

7. Are your products free of GMO's?

Absolutely! All of our fruit powders are Non-GMO.  

8. Is Nutri-Fruit organic?

Nutri-Fruit is not organic.  However, the fruit we use is grown using conventional and sustainable agricultural methods.  Our quality control processes are rigorous and we take great care to deliver a product that is safe, healthy, and ultimately satisfying to each and every customer.   

9. Where does the fruit come from before it is made into Nutri-Fruit Powder?

Depending on availability our fruit is sourced from our own farms or trusted partners.

We use our own farms to produce certain berries, such as Black Raspberries, but for the kinds of fruit we don't grow, we work with trusted partners to procure the highest quality fruit possible.  

Most of our fruit powders are Products of the USA but some products like Mango, Banana, and Acai are not able to grow in climates found in the United States and therefore we work hard to obtain fruit that meets our high standards for quality and safety.

10.  Why is there silica in some of your products?

There is a small amount of silica in some of our fruit powders to prevent clumping (<2%).  If moisture gets into these products, they no longer retain a smooth powder formation and quickly become lumpy and unappetizing. 

In addition, the silica helps to maintain low moisture levels which otherwise would ruin the product by allowing microbes and bacteria to form and spoil the product. 


If you have any questions that you can't find on this list, please feel free to fill out the form on our contact page!  We're happy to help you get the information you need about any of our products.


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